Meghan Stine

Meghan Stine

Manager of Network Operations

Since joining LaScala in 2019, Meghan has demonstrated her prowess to keep customers at the forefront while organizing and managing technology teams to maximize results.
Having quickly shown her outstanding management and customer service abilities, Meghan elevated into her current role as the Manager of Network Operations. Her responsibilities include ensuring the right people are in the right roles in the operations center.
Meghan’s technical background, having worked more than 9 years with systems-based computer software in both Windows and MAC environments, was a perfect complement to the technical support teams working daily with clients and partners.
Much of her contribution to LaScala has come in the development of processes and policies which drive customer focused support and inventory management. All this aids the project delivery teams and provides a seamless experience for onboarding and managing work.
Meghan still enjoys speaking with many of the clients she has worked with over the last three years and brings her top Strength Finder attributes to every conversation. (Her attributes are Achiever, Positivity, Developer, Includer and Responsibility). The first time you speak with Meghan you will see these attributes shine through.
In her free time, Meghan and her dogs, Buddy, Joey, and Moose love to hang out with her seven nieces and three nephews.