Co-Managed IT Services


Choose Your Co-Managed IT Partner Wisely to Avoid Costly Downtime and Data Breaches.

As businesses grow and develop, so do their technology demands. Keeping up with the necessary IT requirements takes time and expertise. Limitations exist at all companies, whether that is size of the team, ability and experience of the team or capacity. All IT teams today have struggles. Often, teams can become overwhelmed with requests from co-workers and customers.

LaScala employees have over 400 years of combined IT experience. Often, our team is an extension of an internal team that may be taxed or limited in knowledge. We can also be your IT team and manage your needs from the ground up. We can work with you to decide what approach is best for growing your organization.

IT Services

Accessible Expertise
Keeping an IT environment running smoothly requires constant attention and the availability of highly skilled staff. Partnering with LaScala eliminates the burden of finding and retaining talent with all the necessary skills.

Responsive Support
Whether needed for a quick answer or intensive support, LaScala’s experienced and dedicated team is available 24/7/365.

Co-Managed IT Expenses
Business leaders are often asked to do more with less in today’s competitive world. By partnering with LaScala for Co-Managed IT services, you can free up internal IT staff to focus on other important projects while providing consistent, reliable service and predictable monthly expenses.

Secure Environment
LaScala is a partner who can be relied upon for proven, tested solutions when security issues arise. Many Co-Managed IT clients also look to LaScala for Co-Managed Security services.

Co-Managed Security Services

Key Services

Key Services Provided

Maintain and support the client’s IT systems and users.

Ensure relevant software, services and equipment is up to date and available as needed.

Stay in compliance with all software licensing and regulatory requirements.

Respond to support requests as described in the Service Level Agreement within a reasonable time period.

Escalate and resolve any IT issues in an appropriate and timely manner.

Maintain good communication with the client at all times.

Key Services

Don’t have an internal IT team? Contact us for our “Managed” IT solutions.


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