As LaScala continues to bring the best in IT support services, management, and cybersecurity protection to Michigan and beyond, Director of Network Operations, Jason Slauter, recently participated in a Zoom student computer science mentoring session with the students of Bedford Junior High School in Temperance, MI. Mr. Slauter took this opportunity to speak with local students about the world of computer science, as well as the current job climate.

For the first time in the school’s history, BJHS is now offering eighth-graders year-long computer science elective classes that focus on real-world issues and critical skills, all under the umbrella of career preparation.

Bedford Public Schools Addressed Emerging Need

Principal Roderick Hurley’s background as a coding teacher was instrumental in getting the new curriculum off the ground. He recognized that a particular area of study was lacking in his school’s current curriculum and partnered with teacher Jennifer Hemry to get it up and running.

Hemry’s class began conducting Zoom meetings with local tech companies, chief among them LaScala. Director Slauter was more than willing to participate in the dynamic exchange that took place.

Hemry reflected on the activity’s success: “I so appreciated Bedford Public Schools for setting up the Zoom session. The kids had amazing responses to the reflection questions I asked them. They were also much more comfortable asking questions. I was proud of them.”

LaScala: A Perfect Fit for Zoom Sessions

During the lively Zoom session, IT Director Slauter also touched on the larger employment component of Hemry’s ongoing curriculum. As explained in the class, there are a myriad of different employment avenues that the students can eventually pursue. There are over 14,500 computing jobs and counting in Michigan today. The class references mobile app design, AI, and cybersecurity, a particularly appropriate field considering Slauter’s involvement.

LaScala employs a team of cybersecurity experts that monitor security threats and cyber intrusions, identify breaches when they occur, and develop unique responses tailored to business needs, ensuring that all data is secure.

By demonstrating his company’s dedication to cybersecurity, among other issues, Jason Slauter illustrated the wide variety of computer science jobs available in the job marketplace and stressed the importance of problem-solving through technology, a bedrock of both the class and LaScala at large.

One of the core principles of LaScala is using data-oriented insights to develop results-producing strategies, and LaScala strives to make a positive impact on the business outcomes of their clients. LaScala hopes the recent Zoom session with BJHS is the first of many in a long relationship built upon educating today’s youth about the rapidly-growing field of IT and its many challenges.

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