Gregory LaScala

Gregory LaScala


Gregory LaScala, CEO, boasts a remarkable career spanning over 25 years in the dynamic realms of Technology and Cybersecurity. His professional journey has been characterized by a strong presence in Fortune 1,000 companies, where he steadily ascended the corporate ladder. However, Greg’s unwavering ambition to overcome persistent limitations drove him towards an entrepreneurial path.

The inception of LaScala, Inc. on March 8, 2010, marked a pivotal moment. Greg envisioned a mission to deliver cutting-edge technology and cybersecurity solutions to organizations worldwide. For four years, he meticulously nurtured this vision while balancing his daytime job, until he took the bold leap into full-time entrepreneurship on June 27, 2014.

Greg’s leadership philosophy is firmly rooted in a bedrock of values, including honesty, integrity, empathy, respect, accountability, humility, transparency, quality, and faith. These principles form the cornerstone of LaScala’s approach, extending seamlessly to our valued clients. LaScala remains unswervingly committed to fostering business growth and ensuring security in today’s evolving landscape.

Before founding LaScala, Greg orchestrated the IT Services network for Rainbow Rehabilitation Centers, where he was instrumental in establishing an IT department and a robust 50-location MPLS network. His tenure at La-Z-Boy, Inc. saw him ascend from Senior Systems Engineer to IT Business Analyst, showcasing his adaptability and aptitude. Throughout his illustrious career, Greg has held diverse roles, including Solutions Architect, IT Project Manager, Business Analyst, IT Manager, IT Director, and CEO.

Greg’s extensive experience in the Technology and Cybersecurity sectors, coupled with his indomitable enterprising spirit, catalyzed the creation of LaScala, Inc. His mission is to furnish organizations worldwide with dependable technology and cybersecurity solutions. Guided by a leadership philosophy founded on timeless principles, Greg is resolutely devoted to positioning LaScala as a leader in the industry.

In addition to his professional accomplishments, Greg and his wife, Justine, have been married 27 years, have seven children and four grandchildren, and is a proud United States Army Veteran.