Using VPN’s Can Be The Key To Business Security During The Pandemic

As a company, we are security driven and want to enhance our clients knowledge to understand the importance of security.

Using VPN’s Can Be The Key To Business Security During The Pandemic

A VPN can give the security employees need when not in the office. Making sure all sensitive information is encrypted, can eliminate a possible data breach. Keeping those threats away from businesses is what employees strive to accomplish when working remote. Most of the questions we get about a VPN are:

  • Why should the customer care?
  • What is the risk?
  • What to watch out for?
  • What does it say about LaScala when we implement this?

Why should the customer care?

When the employees are working from home, they need to use a safe and secure method of connecting to the network as well as staying connected to the network. Keeping the business safe needs to be top priority, these are the differences that can make or break a business.

Consider this…

There is an employee for a major firm around the U.S… working at home is now a thing due to the pandemic. Working from home gets old a lot of times so a quite often, the employee will go to a coffee shop to work as a change of atmosphere. Not thinking anything about it, they log on to their company computer and want to start working. Most do not use a VPN…. A couple days later the IT team notices that there is continuous data loss. The businesses data had been breached due to the fact that the employee did not use the VPN the business provided.

Using that VPN could have prevented the data from being exploited to the threats that were waiting.

What is the risk?

Some of the risks are the communications or data that they use may not be encrypted. Utilizing a VPN guarantees that it is encrypted, making sure no one can steal the information that is on the computer. Turning on the VPN before the computer is logged in, can be the safest route to being secure. Sounds like the VPN is becoming more important. It is in the times of a pandemic; people are all now working from home on various Wi-Fi connections that who knows how secure they are. Being able to use that VPN for every employee to ensure that the data is encrypted to be secure is the most important. Using the VPN, the computer will constantly “call home” to the office to keep everything secure.

What to watch out for?

Don’t use the coffee shop. If it is the only place to work, then make sure that there is a strong secure connection. Activate the businesses VPN before logging in to the computer. It will keep everything encrypted. It will keep anyone in the shop from seeing sensitive data. Be careful of what is sent because all the stuff that has been heard about hacking, it’s true. Being conscious of different surroundings can be the key to keeping businesses secure.

What does it say about LaScala when we implement this?

We are a security driver, security focused, and we don’t just want to open applications to the internet where they could be used to breach systems or networks. Narrowing the amount of outside connections will also help with this. Keeping everything in one spot so that anyone who connects can only be with a VPN connection.

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