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Data security is no longer an afterthought.
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Is Your IT Security Being Managed Properly?

It’s possible that, if you’ve invested in the right technologies, and have the right skill set, you could handle cybersecurity for your business all on your own.

You could oversee your own installations, management, maintenance, and everything else that comes with operating a secure and robust business IT environment.

When it comes to protecting against the ongoing, evolving cyber threats in play today, managing cybersecurity is, understandably, a tall order.

Managed IT Security

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Enlist LaScala’s security team to protect your data

The good news is that you don’t have to handle cybersecurity on your own – you can choose Managed Security Services from LaScala.

LaScala finds threats before they become an issue by utilizing advanced detection methods like proprietary threat intelligence, behavioral analytics, network traffic analysis, and human threat hunting.

The many features of our Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services include:

  1. Dedicated security advisor
  2. Real-time incident detection and validation
  3. Incident management and response support
  4. 24x7x365 SOC monitoring by world-class experts
  5. Vulnerability Management
  6. Proactive threat hunting
  7. Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)
  8. Behavioral analytics and network traffic detections

Protect your environment with LaScala Managed Security Services.

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