IT Services for Defense Contractors

Government contractors and agencies struggle with budgets and expertise. Hiring an independent DoD/Government IT services expert is the best possible solution.

Keeping Your Internal Network Safe While Meeting Your Contractual Obligations.

Defense contractors face a range of challenges, including managing their complex information technology environments, safeguarding against cybersecurity threats, and of course, ensuring compliance with DFARS 252.204-7012 and ITAR. The average technology partner simply isn’t equipped to deal with the unique requirements of defense contractors – meaning you need to find a technology partner that specializes in providing IT services for your industry.

IT Services for Defense Contractors

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Our IT services for defense contractors are designed specifically for the unique requirements of your industry. We have an experienced team who understand how defense contractors use technology inside and out. We’re able to help you:

  1. Exceed the requirements of standards such as NIST 800-171 and DFARS 252.204-7012 as we act as your strategic advisor to help you ensure you’re prepared with:
    • A multi-layered cybersecurity approach that incorporates adequate security measures to safeguard all covered defense information residing on the network against unauthorized access, loss or theft.
    • A cyber incident response plan that helps you report to and cooperate with the DoD properly if an infection or other violation occurs wherein covered defense information is stolen or accessed without authorization.
  2. Leverage approved platforms as needed including Office 365 GCC High and other solutions designed for defense contractors looking to work productively while remaining secure.
  3. Minimize unexpected technology costs with a managed IT services plan that gives you all of the services and support you need at a flat-rate monthly fee that’s easy to predict and budget each and every month.
  4. Procure the right ERP/support software that allows you to operate effectively within the ever-evolving landscape – giving you a complete view into the processes, value chains, and performance of your operations.
IT Services for Defense Contractors

How Do Defense Contractors Benefit from Working with LaScala?

LaScala works with defence contractors to provide all of the services listed above – allowing you to benefit from:

  • Greater operational efficiency
  • Better resource planning, forecasting, and maintenance
  • Greater use of facility capacity
  • Simplified compliance with international operating standards
  • Streamlined supply chain processes
  • And much more

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Work with Experienced DoD/Government IT Services Experts You Can Trust

Private-sector contractors and government bodies have intimately similar technical support needs. Tight budgets call for cost-effective managed IT services and outsourcing continues to rank as the best possible option. That being said, the stringent and changing regulations both private and public sector organizations must adhere to create a unique challenge.

At LaScala Solutions, we provide managed IT services that deliver secure benefits you can trust. Contact one of our professionals and schedule a consultation today.

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