Cloud & Data Center Hosting


Peace of mind for your business with a secure cloud infrastructure platform.

The cloud is a catalyst for growth and new opportunities for IT transformation. Choosing the right cloud strategy unlocks the potential for innovation and meaningful business outcomes.

Your business can’t afford to wait — but it also can’t afford to migrate recklessly. A poorly managed cloud migration can disrupt business, put data at risk and break the budget. LaScala’s managed cloud services help you migrate smarter, so you can get the benefits of the cloud without the risks. Let LaScala provide the right solution for your business.

IT Services

Public Cloud
Receive high usability and less expense with public cloud flexibility and accessibility.

Private Cloud
Private cloud solutions offer maximum control and privacy, along with increased security.

Hybrid Cloud
Some companies require a mix of public and private cloud and a custom hybrid cloud solution leverages both.

Key Services

Key Services Provided

Improved Business Continuity and System Reliability

Peace of Mind with Enhanced Data Security

Effective Back-Ups and Disaster Recovery

Quick and Efficient Scalability

Increased Workforce Mobility and Data Access

Flexibility for Your Budget and Business Requirements


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